After a bit of rest from blogging, I am finishing up the reflections on my last big trip to India, Nepal and London, England. Our last stay in Nepal was at the Mystic Mountain hotel high on a hill overlooking a lush valley with terraced fields and the Himalayas in the distance.  While it is only about 20 kilometres from Kathmandu, it took 2 hours to reach due to the bumpy roads. Kudos to the patience and skill of our taxi drivers! We were sorry to leave Nepal with all its beautiful landscapes, spiritual vibes and friendly people but time to explore other places. My daughter to Sri Lanka on the next leg of her 5 month world tour and for me to reconnect with London where I worked as a social worker for a time in the late 1970s.

After a long journey on two flights from Kathmandu to London via Qatar, I was happy to arrive in London and reconnect with some dear friends who I have know for over 40 years.  Somehow, the experiences that I had in my early years are more vivid and deep to me than any others since. The sounds and smells of London quickly rekindle fond memories for me. The lush evergreen vegetation and early spring flowers like camellias, forsythia and daffodils were exciting to see. I was grateful to brush my teeth with tap water not bottled water. How lucky we are to have clean water delivered right to our homes! Canada needs to do a better job on our First Nations communities with boil water advisories!

A whirlwind 6 day visit included a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum with scones and Devon cream, a play in the West end , a concert at Cadogan Hall, a visit to a pub and of course fish and chips!,

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Nepal, Hello London

  1. Dear Kerrin Thanks for this post – we enjoyed seeing you and we’re flattered that our garden features so prominently in your blog! I hope you had a good visit with Lynn and a smooth journey home. My ankle is slowly mending and the ice pack is soothing. Thanks for all your nursing care! Andrรƒยฉe xx


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