This family tree and timeline information is displayed for reference purposes. Currently under development.

Pentland Family

1821: Samuel Pentland marries Mary Jane Finnigan in Ireland
1823: Samuel Pentland comes to Amherst Island Canada from the Ard Penninsula, Ireland
1828: Mary Pentland born
1842: Samuel Pentland purchases land and moves to Huron County, Ontario

Kaine Family

Charles Kaine (1806-1868) and Bessie (Elizabeth) Kaine (Young) ( 1801) from Freshford, Kilkenny, Ireland and have 7 children : John (1829), James (1834), Anne (1835), Charles (1839), Elizabeth (Eliza) (1846) and Mary (1849). No birth date has been found for their other son Christy who died in 1858. All children were born in Ireland.

1851: James Kaine, John Kaine and Christy Kaine in Montreal
1854: James in Montreal, John left Montreal to go to Uncle Joseph in Huron County
1855: James in Goderich, Huron County
1854-1855: John Kaine marries Mary Pentland (1828-1914) and has 10 children: Elizabeth (1856), Mary Jane (1858), Martha Isabella (1860), Christopher Charles (1862), Agnes Adella (1863), Samuel George (1865), John Mease (1867), Alexander James (1870), Robina Victoria (1871-1941) and Lucy A (1874)

1855: James Kaine marries Ann Eliza McSherry (1838) and has eight children: Elizabeth (1861), Charles (1863), William (1865), Christopher (1867), Ellen (1873), Lucy (1873), Margaret (1875) and Maud (1877). And yes, Ellen and Lucy were twins! The family lived in Clinton, Ontario where James worked in a store

1856-7: Charles and Bessie Kaine emigrate from Ireland and join the family in Huron County. Most likely accompanied by their 4 other children: Ann, Charles, Elizabeth(Liza) and Mary.

1861: Ann Kaine (1835) marries James Fraser (1834) and has two children: Elizabeth (1863) and William?

1863: Reverend Mease passes away in Ireland

1863: Charles Kane (1839) is in Brooklyn New York

1863: Charles Kane (1839) is in Callao, Lima, Peru

1864: Elizabeth (Eliza) Kaine (1846) marries Duncan Stewart, a cabinet maker. Their children were Duncan (1874), Mary and Archibald (twins?) 1876 and Hugh (1874) Still researching records for more. The family eventually moved to Manitoba

1866: John Kaine buys farm near Gorrie

1867: Charles Kane (1839) is working as a carpenter with Duncan Stewart (Eliza’s husband)

1868: Mary Kaine(1849) marries Thomas Redmond (1845) and has 4 children: Muriel (1872), William (1875), Bertha (1877), Nesbitt (1879). They moved to Manitoba