This town overlooked by the Himalayas has the vibe of other holiday resort towns like Lake Placid or Banff. There are colourful boats gliding over the surface of Lake Fewa, the focal point for the local and international visitors to the town. Saw more Western looking people on the street than anywhere else we have been and the shopping and many restaurants caters to these visitors. However, the backdrop of the surrounding mountains is the real highlight of the town.

My daughter Alexandra and some others on the tour “took the plunge” and went paragliding, a popular activity in Pokhara. While I awaited their safe return to earth, I toured the Tibetan refugee camp that has been there since 1959. The residents there sell carpets and other handcrafted items to support themselves.

A walk up a steep hill to the World Peace Pagoda gave us a beautiful view over the town.

Sunrise over the Himalayas from the Sarangot was our final view in Pokhara. Worth the 5:00 am wake up call!

A stretch class conducted by our friend Cinnie on the roof of the airport helped us pass the time as we waited for our flight back to Kathmandu.

2 thoughts on “Pokhara The Holiday Town

  1. wow, again your pictures are amazing. I can only imagine what you must feel looking over at those mountains…breathtaking views.


  2. Hi Kerrin, Alexandra!

    What adventuring you are embarked on! I have been so busy in midst of our wintry February and March that I am just catching up on your previous posts about India.

    Shits hitting the fan for Trudeau back home: I’m sure you will find out sooner or later. Doug Ford is reigning the LHIN back in-house and creating one massive agency…in the name of reducing costs and bureaucracy. And who will be most affected? The poor and vulnerable of course. I am afraid as we have not recovered from Harris’ Common Sense revolution and we now have to endure and fight against a regressive provincial government.

    Otherwise, things are well with me. Work continues to be motivating and meaningful and I am loving having my mother back from LA. We have been spending lots of time together but not in the daily way you are!

    My artistic collaboration with a Chilean sound artist and a Colombian dancer is deepening, despite us working across geographic distance and across aesthetic and artistic media/disciplines. Hope you can come to our showing in early April at the biannual Vanguardia Dance Festival in Toronto!

    Sending you lots of love,


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