Tigers, peacocks and rhinos! Maybe a leopard, the ghost of the forest. We were eager to go on a Jeep safari in Chitwan National Park after arriving at the Barahi Jungle Lodge for an event filled 2 days. No Bengal tigers or leopards on view however we saw peacocks, deer, wild boar on the safari and a rhinoceros at last while we were on a boat trip on the river. We had to be cautious on the property in the evenings as the rhinos regularly swim across the river to munch on the beautiful landscape plants at the resort. We think we heard one!w

Our stay at the Lodge was filled with one magical moment after another. The enthusiasm of our G Adventures guide, Pushkar, was contagious. He loved all the activities as much as we did and was thrilled at our reactions to the surprises that unfolded during our stay.

Highlights included

  • tea and cake served on a table attached to the Jeep on the safari

One thought on “Chitwan National Park

  1. wow…beautiful pictures again. It sounds so wonderful and how nice to share it with your daughter. What a great trip filled with so many happy moments.


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