The day started with an early morning flight to see the iconic Mount Everest. It was a thrill to see the historic peak and champagne they served was a nice touch!

Kathmandu is a bustling big city and is extremely dusty as Nepal is upgrading their water systems and many roads are dug up. the construction workers wear flip flops and we even saw women in saris busy with pick axes in a ditch! It was interesting to see all the folks going off to work and school as we drove along. The high school students, both girls and boys, look very professional in their uniforms that look like business suits. Many people wear masks because of the dust and other pollution. Small roaming packs of happy and relaxed dogs appear to coexist peacefully with the other inhabitants of the city.

We then arrived at the Swayambhunath Temple also known as the Monkey Temple. It was a spiritual and serene spot overlooking the city of Kathmandu.

Our bed for the night was in the Neydo Monastery in Pharping, high on a hill overlooking the terraced fields and the valley below. Cool breezes and rhythmic chanting met us as we arrived at the decorative temple. Learning more about Bhuddism in the beautiful surroundings of Nepal makes me yearn to have some spiritual rituals of my own.

2 thoughts on “Mount Everest and Peace in a Monastery

  1. Some amazing photos ! Maybe investigate TM when you get is apparently very helpful and many benefits for physical, emotional health.


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