After our brief but intense introduction to India, we arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal. Another world altogether just a brief flight away.

Ten of our G Adventures group carried on to Nepal from Delhi and five new adventurers joined in. A sense of calm met us as we arrived in Kathmandu. It is a bustling big city of about 4 million people but has a different vibe from the cities we were in in India.

Our first day in Nepal took us to beautiful temples and world heritage treasures.

A highlight was a visit to the SASANE organization where we had great fun learning how to make Nepalese momos, delicious dumplings. We learned about the efforts that this organization is making to help women to succeed in life after being victims of human trafficking. G Adventures through their Planeterra Foundation has been instrumental in the development of the program to train the survivors of human trafficking to become paralegals. I admire the efforts that these dedicated folks are making. It was fabulous to meet a group of students from Centennial College in Toronto who were volunteering over their Reading Week.

A visit to Bhaktapur, another world heritage site made the day complete. It was fun to run into a street festival where a masked fellow was casing children. What fun and laughter!


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