It takes more than one day to experience the rich tapestry of Jaipur so we spent the morning visiting the City Palace and having tea in the garden of a local family before heading off to spend the night in a local village, Sawarda.

Our night in the village of Sawarda was a fascinating and unique experience. We took a walk through the village with a local gentleman and were welcomed by many of the villagers who seemed as thrilled with us as we were with them. Truly mutual admiration. As we strolled along, folks rushed to bring their babies out for us to admire and groups of children followed us laughing and joking. It was a very special, joyful procession through the town. There were lots of tractors in the yards in this farming village so I now know people do have access to some assistance in the fields.

The hotel at which our group of 16 were the only guests was once a fort for a royal family. We closed out the day on a patio under the stars sipping smooth Indian rum overlooking the village as a celebration for a new baby followed by a loud disco for the young people carried on below.

2 thoughts on “Jaipur to Village Life in Sawarda

  1. Great to be able to experience this part of the world through your blog, Kerrin!! And the connection you made with the people and their lives really comes across through the photos. Thanks for sending it! Mary Ann


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