After a stop at the mystical red sandstone city of Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO world heritage site, we spent the day travelling to Jaipur. The sights out of the bus window entertained me on the 5 hour journey though it was exhausting to try to understand everything I was seeing. My brain was really working! The fields were dotted with women in fluorescent orange saris harvesting mustard plants and then walking elegantly along the side of the highway carrying large bundles on their heads. I noticed the absence of women on the streets of Delhi and Agra but not in the countryside. What was striking was the absence of tractors and farm machinery.

It was overwhelming to arrive in Jaipur at rush hour with the ubiquitous horns beeping and the road chock a block with tuk tuks, buses, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and people. There were even carts drawn by camels and oxen running beside us.

As we entered through the garden of our heritage hotel, the Mandawa Haveli we discovered a serene oasis. A session with a palm reader/astrologist and a Kingfisher beer were a perfect end to the day.

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