After an eight month hiatus, I am back to the blog again. While my life continued to be compelling, I took a detour from chronicling the lives of my family – in particular my grandmother Jean Kaine to carry out 28 free workshops in jewellery making and other arts with groups of children, women and others in my community. No time for writing as I learned new techniques and toted my bags of tools, supplies and paints from place to place. I will return to the family history in the future but am about to make some stories in the here and now as I embark on a great adventure to India and Nepal for a month with my daughter. Stay tuned……..

3 thoughts on “The Blog Resumes

  1. Very excited that you’ll be writing your blog again and very much looking forward to your next chapter—on your adventures travelling to India and Nepal.
    Hope you and Alexandra have a wonderful trip!!
    Mary Ann


  2. Wonderful! Barely back from Grenada and off again? Je suis jealous de toi! My wish is that you don’t fall into the digital trap of leting the blog be the tail wagging the dog (aka your co-journey with your daughter)!

    We can always catch up with you when you get back but let the experience transport you away from home.

    It’s a big gift.



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